“Thank you, Bob, for helping my leaders to be their best. Grounded reminds us how important it is to balance every piece of our lives – personal, spiritual, family, work, exercise, and more – into one life, which becomes our life’s work.”

- Alan Mulally, Former President and CEO of the Ford Motor Company

“Bob Rosen reveals the roots of lives well lived and companies well led. Leaving leadership fads behind, Bob takes us on a compelling journey to first know – and then better – who we are.”

- Dr. Ralph W. Shrader, Chairman of the Board, Booz Allen Hamilton

“Based on best-in-class global research, and road-tested in some of the world’s leading organizations, Bob Rosen’s and Healthy Companies’ solutions focus on a fresh approach to leading in our complex world.”

- Tony Buzzelli, Former Vice Chairman, Deloitte, LLP

“ I had the privilege of working with Bob Rosen and the Healthy Companies team for five years, They were extremely effective in helping us navigate not only the human dynamics but also the business implications of the changes we were seeking to implement.”

- Barry Schub, Former SVP HR, Corporate Strategy and Corporate Communications, New York Life

“Great leadership is the most difficult and worthy challenge of our times. Bob Rosen, backed by a wealth of experience working with CEOs, knows that leadership is fundamentally personal – and that the ability to drive change begins inside. I recommend every leader take his advice.”

- Jorgen Vig Knudstorp, CEO of the Lego Group

“I have no hesitation in predicting that Bob Rosen’s books will be in the top most important leadership books in the 21st century.”

- Warren Bennis, Distinguished Scholar and Author, University of Southern California

“One of today’s key leadership challenges is deciding how much change an organization can absorb at any point in time. Bob Rosen does an excellent job helping leaders think through this delicate balancing act.”

- Dennis Nally, Global Chairman, PricewaterhouseCoopers International Ltd

“Bob Rosen challenges each of us to think hard about our role as leaders. It is people we lead, and to lead them effectively we must understand who they are and not just what they do or how they do it.”

- C. William Pollard, Former CEO of Service Master

“ I have worked with Healthy Companies for ten plus years as the Chief Executive of two companies. Bob Rosen and his team provide unsurpassed service whether they are developing or coaching senior leaders or helping to mold a high performance leadership team. I recommend them highly for any leader that truly wants to transform their team and improve their overall performance.”

- Tom Schievelbein, Chairman, President and CEO, Brinks, Inc.

“Healthy Companies was instrumental in helping focus our vision and values and develop actionable plans to execute that vision. They have really been a partner with the senior team in defining the future of our company and have helped us become stronger leaders.”

- Mike Petters, President and CEO of Huntington Ingalls Industries