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    “Thank you, Bob Rosen, for showing leaders at every level the value of staying rooted.”
    —Bob Bruner, Dean Emeritus of the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration

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    Bob Rosen in His Element

    A Sampling of Speeches

    To survive and thrive in a world of constant uncertainty, leaders must master the work required for both personal and business transformation. In his talks, Bob challenges the audience to perform and transform simultaneously by understanding that who you are is essential to your performance as a leader, as well as the effectiveness of the teams and organizations you lead.

    The Healthy Leader

    Six Roots of Effective Leadership

    In this popular keynote, Bob explores the six dimensions of a Healthy Leader: physical, emotional, intellectual, social, vocational and spiritual – and connects these dimensions to the forces of disruption we all face in today’s marketplace. Bob illustrates how our response to disruption can translate into our competitive advantage.

    Leading Conscious Change

    Hijackers and Accelerators

    Most change efforts fail — they are driven by unconscious personal and organizational hijackers. Using interactive visuals and tools, Bob unveils the Why, What, and How to Lead Conscious Change. By leveraging accelerators and avoiding hijackers, participants are able to transform themselves and their organizations.


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